Niagara Falls Public Library

Microfilm Readers

An appointment is now necessary to use one of our Local History Collections' microfilm readers.

Microfilm readers are presently housed only at the Victoria Avenue Library. Bookings are in 30 minute increments, for a maximum of two hours per day.

Materials viewed using the “microfilm reader with the scanner” can be saved as image files to a USB flash drive, and printing is available (on both machines) for a fee of 20 cents per page. If you require help with your search, we recommend that you Book a Local History Appointment.

Photocopies and printouts from the microfilm reader / printers both cost 20 cents per page. For digital image storage, users can use their own USB flash drive. Niagara Falls Public Library also sells USB flash drives for $15 each. Saving images to your USB flash drive using our microfilm readers is free.