Niagara Falls Public Library

Educator Library Card Policy

Thank you for supporting the Niagara Falls Public Library with your interest in an Educator Library Card. We look forward to working with you!

Conditions and Use

Upon registering for an Educator Library Card, you, as the cardholder, agree to:

  • Accept responsibility for the use, condition and return of materials checked out on the library card.
  • Accept responsibility for damaged or lost material checked out on the library card.
  • Update the library on any change to personal or work contact information.
  • Report a lost or stolen library card.
  • Borrow materials only intended for use in an educational setting.Educators may not borrow items for personal use on the Educator Library Card.Borrowing of personal materials will void the use of the card.

The Educator Library Card can be used at any Niagara Falls Public Library location. Educator Library Cardholders are not eligible to participate in any reciprocal borrowing programs that the Niagara Falls Public Library has in place with other libraries.

Educator Library Cards can be used to access all the digital resources of our Virtual Library, including educational databases, eBooks, audiobooks and magazines.

Educator Library Cards expire on June 30th each year. To renew, educators must present proof of teaching status for the period July 1-June 30 of the following year.


All circulating material may be borrowed on an Educator Card, with the following exceptions:

  • Board games
  • Nature Kits
  • Tackleshare
  • Videogames

Interlibrary Loans cannot be submitted via an Educator Library Card.

Items cannot be borrowed from the Niagara Falls Public Library’s NovelBranch in order to receive the full borrowing period for the Educator Library Card.

Loan Periods and Limits

All materials may be borrowed for 6 weeks.

A total of 100 items may be borrowed on an Educator Library Card. Maximum borrowing limits for non-print materials are as follows:

  • DVDs, Music CDs and CD Books - Maximum of 15 items for each item type
  • Playaways - Maximum of 5 items


Renewals are allowed on Educator Cards. Items may be renewed up to 2 times with a 6 week renewal period each time.


Reserves may be placed on a valid Educator Library Card in good standing. The same Educator Card used to place the reserve must be used to check out the reserves.

An Educator Library Card may have up to 65 items on reserve.

The cardholder will be notified by email when reserves are available to be picked up.

Return of Library Materials

Materials may be returned to any Niagara Falls Public Library location. Return boxes are available at all library locations. All items may be returned via the return boxes. Items remain on a customer’s library card until they are checked in by staff.

Materials borrowed on an Educator Card cannot be returned to any other libraries in the Niagara Region.

If a customer claims to have returned material that has not, to date, been checked in the items will be marked “Claimed Returned” and any associated outstanding charges will be suspended while staff trace the item.


At this time, no fines will be charged for overdue materials.


Replacement fees for lost or damaged materials may be charged to the Educator Library Card on which the materials were borrowed.