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   Aerial view of the Whirlpool Rapids (image/jpeg)
Title Aerial view of the Whirlpool Rapids
Medium  Photograph
Extent  4" X 6" Colour Photograph
Date  July, 1995.
Collection  Niagara Falls Public Library Local History Collection
Old Call Number  12723
Rights Holder  Niagara Falls Public Library
Subject  Niagara Falls - Aerial Views
  Niagara Whirlpool and Rapids
  Niagara River - Views
Place Name  Niagara Falls (inhabited place)
  Niagara (river)
  Niagara (river)
Record ID  92473
Digital image 
Format image/jpeg
Size  750px X 500px
Resolution  150ppi X 150ppi
Digitization Colour Scan
Equipment HP ScanJet 7400
Date 2003-12-08
Physical items 
Filing No.   Format       
D12723  Photograph     


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