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Newspaper Index - Dates indexed

The Review has also known as ... The Daily Record, the Evening Review, and the Niagara Falls Review.

The date that appears in a record next to a name is not necessarily the date that a person was born or died but the date that it was announced in the newspaper.

Months in this table are inclusive (e.g., Jan 1908 - Dec 1912 indicates Jan 1, 1908 through Dec 31, 1912).  Click here for more information about, or to search, the newspaper index.

Please note that although the Review had been published before 1908, the archives were destroyed by fire and no copies are known to exist of issues prior to 1908.

Review, Daily Record, Evening Review and the Niagara Falls Review
Births, deaths & marriages
Jan 1908 - Dec 1912IndexedIndexed
Jan 1913 - Dec 1913Not indexedSee Note*
Jan 1914 - Dec 1945IndexedIndexed
Jan 1946 - Dec 1946In processIn process
Jan 1947 - Dec 1962IndexedIndexed
Jan 1963 - Dec 1966Not indexedNot indexed
Jan 1967 - Dec 1971IndexedIndexed
Jan 1972 - Dec 1983Not indexedNot indexed
Jan 1984 - presentIndexedIndexed
News Articles
Jan 1908 - Dec 1912IndexedIndexed
Jan 1913 - Dec 1913Not indexedSee Note*
Jan 1914 - Dec 1918IndexedIndexed
Jan 1919 - Dec 1949Not indexedNot indexed
Jan 1950 - Dec 1952IndexedIndexed
Jan 1953 - Dec 1983Not indexedNot indexed
Jan 1984 - Aug 2000IndexedIndexed
Sep 2000 - Dec 2001Not indexedNot indexed
Jan 2002 - Jan 2004IndexedIndexed
Jan 2004 - presentIn processIn process
* Note: 
As far as the library can determine, no microfilm or hardcopy exists for the Niagara Falls newspaper published in the year 1913.
Niagara Falls Chronicle
Dec 16, 1996 - Dec 4, 1998IndexedIndexed
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