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1. Apple seeds left to soak in milk overnight, germinate sooner (1 record)
2. Seeds and Milk Put In A Safe Place (1 record)
3. Spilled Milk, Seeds Gone (1 record)
4. Caught in the Act (1 record)
5. The Culprit - Milk and Seeds Gone (1 record)
Abandoned House in Field (1 record)
Abstract (2 records)
Abstract Motion (1 record)
An Afternoon in Venice (1 record)
Algonquin Park (1 record)
American & Bridal Veil Falls, Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada (1 record)
The American Fall and Niagara River seen from Goat Island (1 record)
American Falls (1 record)
American Falls from the Canadian side (2 records)
American Falls from the English Side (1 record)
American Falls from Goat Island (1 record)
American Falls from the Old Ferry (1 record)
American Falls, Incline Railway and Ferry Stairs in Winter (1 record)
American Falls, Niagara (1 record)
American Falls, Niagara, From the Old Ferry (1 record)
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