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   Rock composition at Bender's Cave (image/jpeg)
Title Rock composition at Bender's Cave
Creator  Seibel, George A.
Medium  Photograph
Extent  3 1/2" x 3 1/2" B&W photograph
Notes  Also known as Devil's Cave or Sorceror's Cave, Bender's Cave is located just north of Hubbard Point, the origin of the falls. It runs along the same layer of Lockport limestone as Sunny's cave and Indian cave. Here we see the interior cave-wall and the discolouration that has occured to the limestone after so many thousands of years.
Date  1975.
Collection  Niagara Falls Public Library Local History Collection
Old Call Number  11893
Rights Holder  Niagara Falls Public Library
Rights  Niagara Falls (Ontario) Public Library - George A. Seibel
Subject  Caves
  Geology - Niagara Falls
Place Name  Niagara Falls (inhabited place)
Record ID  91227
Digital image 
Format image/jpeg
Size  750px X 748px
Resolution  150ppi X 150ppi
Digitization B&W Scan
Equipment HP OfficeJet G55
Date 2003-07-07
Physical items 
Filing No.   Format       
D11893  Photograph     


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