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   Niagara Falls Moonlighting (image/jpeg)
Title Niagara Falls Moonlighting
Creator  Cyrus Harchegani
Type  Still Image
Medium  oil on canvas
Extent  36" x 72"
Date  December 4, 2008.
Created  2008.
Notes  Cyrus Harchegani has been very passionate about art from an early age. His knowledge of past and present techniques enables him to diversify between soft harmonious combination of meticulous juxtaposition layers of old masters glazing to a one setting bold textures, A la prima Nineteen-Century Impressionist Plein Air,He has studied at fine art school In Isfahan, Iran, Where he born in 1951.A visit to United States between 1978-79 allowed Cyrus to experience a wider atmosphere in visual art and in1981, Cyrus lived in Madrid Spain for two years, which provided him an enormous opportunity to study old masters, El Greco, Francisco Goya and Diego Velasquez, at El Museo Del Prado.In 1983, he immigrated to Canada to reside in Montreal where he ran a teaching in oil Painting workshop.Presently live in Niagara Falls since 2003.
Rights Management  ©Cyrus Harchegani. Contact for reproduction information
Provenance  Digital image donated by Cyrus Harchegani
Subject  Niagara Falls - American Falls
  Niagara Falls - Illumination
  Niagara Falls - Night Views
Place Name  Niagara Falls (waterfall)
Record ID  302567
Digital image 
Format image/jpeg
Size  750px X 374px
Resolution  150ppi X 150ppi
Digitization Colour Scan
Equipment Unknown
Date 2008-12-04


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