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   Cataract House [Hotel] from Green Island Niagara Falls [NY] (image/jpeg)
Title Cataract House [Hotel] from Green Island Niagara Falls [NY]
Type  Still Image
Extent  13.72 x 8.58 cm
Medium  Colour postcard
Collection  Postcard Collection
Notes  Card was mailed in Alden NY February 1915 to Mrs Jos Roll of Alden NY ; message reads Dear Sister, I haven't had any word from home so if there anything doing phone me in the PM if there is anything I'm to get. Love to all Anne ;
  Item 2 was mailed in Niagara Falls NY on June 27th 1910 to Mrs C G Elliott 229 Highland Avenue, Medina, NY ; message reads "Arrived all right then went outsome yesterday and had a nice ride. It is beautiful here. I am some tired but feel quite good at that, signature is possibly Curtinelli";
  Reverse reads From the Cataract House can be seen the bed of the Niagara River, which at this point is a succession of shells, from which in many places, large rocks project to within a few feet of the surface. As the river contracts and becomes shallow it increases in velocity and becomes a seething cauldron, boiling, tossing, leaping and swirling in mad abandon and irresistible force ;
Subject  Hotels
  Niagara Falls (N.Y.) - City
  Tourist Accommodations
Place Name  Niagara (river)
  Niagara Falls (inhabited place)
Source  Niagara Falls (Ont.) Public Library
Record ID  103108
Digital image 
Format image/jpeg
Size  750px X 459px
Resolution  150ppi X 150ppi
Digitization Colour Scan
Equipment Microtek ScanMaker i900
Date 2005-04-07
Physical items 
Filing No.   Format       
D422017  Colour postcard     
D422017A  Colour postcard     
D422017B  Colour postcard     


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