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American Falls, Niagara, From Road to Ferry (1 record)
The American Falls and Niagara River Seen from Terrapin Tower (2 records)
American Falls in Winter (1 record)
American Falls in Winter, Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada (1 record)
American Forces at newly constructed Bridge over Chippawa Creek at the mouth of Lyon's Creek (1 record)
American Forces Climbing Fisherman's Path To Queenston Heights (1 record)
American Forces Crossing Chippawa CReek (1 record)
American Militia plundering along Portage Road (1 record)
American Sniper Firing at General Sir Isaac Brock - Battle of Queenston Heights (1 record)
American soldiers collecting wounded in the darkness (1 record)
American Troops Advancing Along Riverbank Under Cover of Night (1 record)
American Troops Crossing The Niagara River Under Cannon Fire (1 record)
Andrew Wallace and his fiery untamed steed on the ice mountain (1 record)
Ange de Lude bronze casting after Jean Barbet active 1475-1514 (1 record)
Ann and Jane, first ship to clear the first Welland Canal at Chippawa (1 record)
Annie [Edson] Taylor the first human being to go over the Falls and live (1 record)
Annie Edson Taylor and her Falls barrel (1 record)
Annie [Edson] Taylor ready to start over the Falls (1 record)
Architect (Two Generation) (1 record)
The Artist Sketching Niagara from Goat Island (1 record)
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