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These sites have been evaluated and selected by our trained Children's Librarians. We hope that you will find them of use when doing that all important assignment.

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Atlas of Canada Online - If you are in need of a map, this is the site to visit. Natural Resources Canada has been collecting data since 1906

Canada : a people's history - take a journey through the past with this website based on the award-winning CBC TV series that tells Canada's story through the eyes of the people who lived it

Canada Hall - Canadian Museum of Civilization web site covering Canadian history from 1000 - 1890, including explorers and native people

Canada In The Making - about the history of Canada through the words of the men and women who shaped the nation

Canada's Capital Cities - need to know the capital of Nunavut? this site will tell you!

Canada's Prime Ministers - Deatils of all our serving Prime Ministers from 1867 - present

Canadian Encyclopedia Online - the best encyclopedia for Canadian informationTest your knowledge of Canada's geography and history by trying one of these quizzes made to challenge any level of user from novice to expert

Canadian Geography Quiz - test your knowledge of Canada's geography and history by trying one of these quizzes made to challenge any level of user from novice to expert

Confederation For Kids - written for young people ages 9 to 13 who are learning about how Canada came to be a country. It is also for anyone else who wants to learn more about Confederation

Dictionary of Events - as well as events it includes people, places and times

Discover Canada Through Maps - have you ever wondered what is the longest river in Canada? Or perhaps the highest mountain? What about the largest islands? The Atlas of Canada presents Facts About Canada

First Peoples - this is the site to find out about the first people f our nation

Great Canadian Explorers - concentrates on eleven explorers who were part of Canada's history and exploration

Heroes of Yore & Lore
- our history is full of great acts and great people from Sir Sanford Fleming to Terry Fox

Historica Fairs - a grand celebration of Canada's heritage in the form of student history projects

National Parks of Canada - all about the many wonderful parks throughout Canada

Natural Resources of Canada - all about the forests, the water, the lakes and much more!

Official Donnellys Home Page - all about the famous family that still fascinates Canadians

Ontario Time Machine - a joint project between the libraries of Toronto, Kingston and Hamilton. Leap into the pages of old books and travel through Ontario history from the 1750s to World War I!

Proud Canadian Kids - a unique site dealing with all things Canadian

Provincial Parks of Ontario - all about Ontario's great parks

Symbols of Canada - flags, coats of arms, and the national anthem

Today in History - find out what happened on any given day in Canada and the world!

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